Entry-level Amateur SMITE Esports

The SMITE Open Circuit is our entry-level amateur bracket that serves as a starting point for aspiring SMITE esports players.

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No Region Locking

This crossplay circuit supports all platforms (PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch) and features 6 teams from North America and 6 teams from Europe -- but there is no region locking for these teams, so international players who can compete on NA or EU servers are allowed to play in the Open Circuit.


LAN Events & Relegations

The Open Circuit is broken into four phases, with each phase lasting four weeks. The top teams from the end of each phase will qualify for a Circuit Playoff LAN event at the Hi-Rez Esports studio in Atlanta, GA. The top teams from each region will also have the opportunity to face off against Challenger Circuit teams in a relegations bracket at the end of each phase, where they could potentially be promoted into the Challenger Circuit if they’re able to beat the incumbent CC teams.



The first open-entry bracket for the SMITE Open Circuit begins March 7. Visit our blog for details on how to participate.

Learn how you can participate in the SMITE Open Circuit.

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